One of the reasons why GNUstep got started was the longing for the ease of programming and the ease of use which we feel is not available under other operating systems. However to take GNUstep out of the realm of programmers and make it more accessible to average users; there is a definite need to provide a set of standard applications. There aren’t any standard applications written with GNUstep, but there are several that are meant to be used with GNUstep or are related to it.

GNUstep Applications Database

This database is just getting started, so there aren’t many applications listed. If your a developer, feel free to add your app to this database. You can also look at the wiki application page for another list of applications, or see below for more.

Official GNUstep Applications

Most of the user applications are in the Alpha and Beta level of development. For questions and/or comments related to user applications please feel free to contact us on the GNUstep Discussion List.

The GNUstep Workspace

workspace is the official GNUstep workspace manager. It is a clone of NeXT’s workspace manager and already ready for daily usage. workspace is probably one of the most useful and usable workspace managers available on any platform, owing to its well-designed interface and the natural, consistent design that it inherits from the GNUstep framework.

GNUstep Mail Application

Gmail is the official GNUstep mail application. It is a clone of NeXT’s The current version of is already quite stable and rich in functionalities and will work well for a day-to-day MUA use. Check out the homepage of the project for a complete feature overview.