How to create a successful app: 6 important points for good results

Want to know how to create a successful app? Start with these tips! Especially because, when you know the programming languages ​​and know how to use the tools for development, certainly creating an application becomes a very easy task. But what about your application to have a good result, among millions of apps in stores, and receive more prominence? The answer to this question is: find the answer to a problem that affects users. That’s why we brought 6 important points for you to take into account when creating your application and obtain the results you are waiting for.

1. Do research before you start

Surveys are the starting point, and also an “answer”, to find out if your application will be a success or not. If you start your project without any research, you may notice in the end that it was not a necessity for your audience, that is, it will not be used or purchased.

You should do your research on the following points: idea, target audience, market and technologies.
Idea: it is important to do research to see if someone has already developed a project similar to yours, if so, can you improve it?

Target Audience

Research the users for whom your application is intended. Without users, your application will have no functionality at all.


Do you have an idea for an app but there are dozens like it already? So it’s worth thinking about ways to make it stand out, or it will be just one more.


Finally, try to understand how the tools that will help you in the development of the application work. See which ones offer the service you are looking for.

2. Design

To learn how to create a successful app , think about aesthetics. Design is the first contact with the user. And he is primarily responsible for the success or failure of an application.

It is important to create a design that makes the user comfortable using your application and at the same time shows the quality of your professionalism. Because of this it is necessary to look for programming and design professionals who have experience.

3. Marketing campaign

One thing is certain: without users, your application has no functionality. You can market your app before launching it, making it possible to build your brand and attract a good number of users right at launch. You can use social networks to make this disclosure. This is also a great way to get closer to the audience and create a relationship.

4. Invest in simplicity

Create a simple and easy to use application. Make the functions simple, as no user will read an application’s instructions. Remember that it is easier to create 10 apps with great functionality, than one that brings them all together.

5. Bet on gamification

Your application does not have to be a game to use gamification tools. Using the game mechanics in your application improves the user experience. Make the user always feel rewarded for his actions, so that he then uses your app more often.

6. Do lots of tests

Maintaining a routine to develop an application and deliver a great final product is essential. But before reaching this result, it is necessary to do many tests to correct possible errors before handing it over to users.


We know that it’s not just about creating an app and launching it, because it won’t generate income alone. You need to bet on the different, offer solutions to the questions that users are facing. It is necessary to offer a legal service to users, always improving the products to reach an increasing number of people.

Create an online store app: 4 advantages for your business!

The number of smartphone users is growing more and more. That’s why you should start thinking about linking and creating an online store app ! An application will facilitate access to your business, without customers having to make a big effort. When installing the application it is possible to register the data to connect with the store, browsing the goods directly from the cell phone. And that’s why we decided to create an article showing 4 advantages of creating an application for your online store. Follow, below!

1 # The application offers greater usability for customers

Even though websites are designed to work perfectly on smartphones, performance can sometimes be frustrating for customers. When the application is mobile, the functions gain greater performance, features and greater performance.

It is still possible to make the connection with geolocation, integrate your camera and perform other services. It guides users to benefit your brand. In this way, it is possible to offer your customers a greater experience, without any major problems and personalized to your style. It is worth mentioning that the connection speed in applications is 1.5 higher than in mobile sites. This can mean that the user makes purchases and accesses the store, even away from Wi-Fi, without facing crashes.

2 # The mobile market already offers huge opportunities in Brazil

The number of people with a smartphone only tends to grow in our country. Data show that 54% of Brazilian adults have a smartphone, and 60% of users say it is the main source of data. This amount is so great that Brazil is in fifth place in the ranking of countries that spend the most hours using cell phones in the world. And it is for this reason that companies that invest in applications obtain greater results compared to those that do not use this medium. If you follow the metrics of your online store, you will notice that the large number of accesses on your website is done by cell phone.

3 # Access to native cell phone functions

Applications can access the functions that are part of your phones, such as the microphone and camera. In other words, it is possible to create a multitude of interactions with the client through your application, things that would not be possible on a web page. There are, for example, paint stores that offer an in-app colour catalogue. With it you can select the colour you want and see how it would look in the environment you are trying to paint. All this with the help of your smartphone’s camera.

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